Released: 2013

1. R.E.V.O.
2. Red Hands
3. Gang of Rhythm
4. Speeches
5. Sometimes
6. Shake
7. Somebody That I Used To Know
8. These Times
9. Summer Vibe
10. Money Tree
11. No Ulterior Motives


Comments (181)

you're doing wonderful things, folks!
keep on Smile

Saw you Happy video, Bought you CD Love it ! When are you coming to the UK

Lost my Husband and Father last couple of months ago. Not much to b HAPPY about Till I ran upon your HAPPY. Thanks for giving me something to smile about again. God Bless

Im 62 years old, but listening and watching you guys makes me feel like a kid again. Come to New Orleans.

Hey there, guys---big fan from the States, but had to missed the tour date down in my neck o' the woods. But I am coming up to Ottawa & Toronto October.29 & 30--any chance of catching you guys doing a local show anywhere nearby? Or maybe of just photobombing another amazing video in progress? Smile

Keep up the great work.... cant wait to see some new stuff, and hope I can kick something in via Patreon soon...


Oh PLEASE come to the UK!


Can't wait until you come in Davao,Philippines (y) Michael Joaquin Tagulo (y)

All love from here!

Do you guys think you could handle doing a cover of "London calling"?


Phenomenal! Can't wait until you come to Chicago.

Please, PLEASE share the details of the hand clappers on the ukes?