Released: 2013

1. R.E.V.O.
2. Red Hands
3. Gang of Rhythm
4. Speeches
5. Sometimes
6. Shake
7. Somebody That I Used To Know
8. These Times
9. Summer Vibe
10. Money Tree
11. No Ulterior Motives


Comments (162)


I'm looking forward to an European Tour again. Please go to Barcelona! I need to see you in live.

When is it possible to see you in Italy? You are a genious!
I'm found your video surfing in the net and now i'm sure to have a new idols.
Greetings from Italy peace.
Love your sound.

When I heard Somebody that I Used to Know, I really LOVED it... I showed it to my brother and at first he said: "Don't play any covers; play the original!" But when he listened to the song, he loved it too... I love your version of Material Girl... Maybe one day you will come to Costa Rica Smile

Love u guys. coming to ottawa anytime soon. Or montreal? big fan base in this area hoping to see you at bluesfest this year , maybe next year. Cheers mark

You are an amazingly creative band. How did you get to having Ukuleles as a major part of your sound?

You must launch your albums in Brazil!! I'd like to have the original CDs from you!! My family just need them!!

Can we expect REVO on iTune in India now. <a href="http://www.price4india.co.in/" title="http://www.price4india.co.in/">http://www.price4india.co.in/</a>

I'd like to see any of Imagine Dragons work covered off here. Especially "Who We are"

You guyz really rock..but i will request you to cover the song "Secrets" by One Republic.I would be waiting for that.And one more thing to add up MR.Marshall the Superhero.You are my Ideal.. Smile