Released: 2013

1. R.E.V.O.
2. Red Hands
3. Gang of Rhythm
4. Speeches
5. Sometimes
6. Shake
7. Somebody That I Used To Know
8. These Times
9. Summer Vibe
10. Money Tree
11. No Ulterior Motives


Comments (168)


My kids (both girls 11 and 4) and I love watching your videos in Youtube! You're a very talented group and very amazing when it comes to singing and playing all these different musical instruments! More power!

You are a breath of fresh air and you make me happy! It is lovely to watch and listen to you enjoying what you do. Love your vocals and your play with unusual instruments. Would love to hear more originals and some accappella.


I am 60 years old and can't believe I like this music. I have not heard or seen this much talent wrapped up in one band for a long time. As a lover of mostly 60's and 70's music, were the roots of the classic rock and roll developed I am sensitized with some of the lyrics . This music has that rock folk kind of mix to it. Mild and not rami like most bands now a days. A real refreshing kind of new music with out all the glitter and foul language. I like the name too. If you keep it real you guys will go far. My blessings are with you.

Hi Guys I really love al you're songs....

Can i make a request???
Would you PLEASEEEEEE cover Milky Change, Stolen Dance.
In the Netherlands a big hit and i would love to hear you're version of it.


Please come to Israel!!!!!!
We love guys and I really wanna see u!! U rock!!!
And please cover the song "trumpets" and k loveeeeeeeeee youuuuuuu


I'm looking forward to an European Tour again. Please go to Barcelona! I need to see you in live.

When is it possible to see you in Italy? You are a genious!
I'm found your video surfing in the net and now i'm sure to have a new idols.
Greetings from Italy peace.
Love your sound.

When I heard Somebody that I Used to Know, I really LOVED it... I showed it to my brother and at first he said: "Don't play any covers; play the original!" But when he listened to the song, he loved it too... I love your version of Material Girl... Maybe one day you will come to Costa Rica Smile